Gunmatchadvisor.com is a Gun Match Aggregator

Gunmatchadivsor.com provides two primary services:

  1. An app for listing matches

  2. An easy way to search match listings

Gunmatchadivsor.com has three secondary services:

  1. An article section

  2. a listing of ranges

  3. A commenting/rating system for matches (similar to Amazon and Trip Advisor.)

Registration Permissions and Staff

Registration is free and requires minimal information – user name, email, first/last name and state are all that are required to register.

Registered users can submit matches, request corrections, leave a comment and rate a match (5 star rating method)

Gunmatchadvisor.com is a volunteer organization. All content is of Gunmatchadvisor.com is provided by registered users. What little revenue the website generates (currently less than $10 /month) goes to pay for web hosting, maintenance and upgrades.

App for Listing Matches

Submit a Match app has less than 25 fields to complete. Some fields are multiple choice and most require only few keystrokes to complete, i.e. times or fees.

Any Registered user can submit a match for publishing. All matches are verified and checked for accuracy before publishing.

Repeating pattern allows for match repeats. Simply enter in the repeating pattern, i.e. Every 3rd Saturday or every Tuesday and the match will repeat on that same pattern. You can even exclude dates or even months from the pattern.

To submit, fill out the form and click submit button on the app page. The match will be sent for verification and accuracy. Once approved, the match will be published.

Searching the Match Listings

Searching matches is easy using the facet search bar on the left or if you want you can use keywords  to find matches based on a text, i.e. a range name.

Other features

The articles section should build over time and hoping to have articles about matches, listing matches etc.

Range listings contain not only a description and address but the geo-location. Geo-locations are great for finding those ranges not on the regular mail route using a GPS.

The comment area allows registered users to comment about matches. Comments can range from local conditions, lodging, stages or even warnings about potential problems like mosquitos lack of bathrooms.

Rating system allows registered users to use a five star system to rate matches.

Message to the Sport Shooting Community

Gunmatchadisor.com is one with 1000’s of matches to be listed – You - the sport shooting community - are 1000’s with one match to list. Please help us, help you – list your matches today!