Choosing the Right Alias at

Alias is the handle or pseudonym used by to tag a match posting or comment. This tag identifies the organization or person posting the match or making the comment. Choosing the perfect alias can be challenging, choosing a good one is very doable.

Alias Displayed at

When you register (only one alias per email), you will be required to create an alias. Making up an alias depends on how you want to be identified.

If you want to be anonymous, choose a unique alias – “Major Threegun” or “Charlie Mike Noshoot”.

If you want to be easily identified, choose sn alias with your name in it – “Rick Orr” or “Bad Bob Thomas”

If you want to be recognized for a group, such as an organization or business, choose an alias with the group name in it – “Rick Orr – GMA Staff” or “Matamoros Practical Shooters”

Resgister your alias at GMA - GMA Registration