Help Your Fellow Shooting Sports Enthusiast - List Your Favorite Matches

Favorite Match - Favorite People

We all have our favorite matches – our own little circuit of matches we travel every month. Mostly we learned about matches by word of mouth and we know very little about matches outside of our little circuit.  On occasion, we find ourselves with a free weekend and jonesing for some trigger time. We just want to shoot but we don’t know where to go! All the Matches – One Location

A friend had a free weekend and was looking for a 3 gun match. He went to and clicked on 3 Gun then clicked on a nearby county and found two matches – matches he never knew existed. He made the trip, met new friends, shot a new match at a different range and had a blast. All because helped him find the match. helps shooters find matches - a new match, a replacement match, a match for vacation or a new type of match. has detail listings of all matches – range, location, times, stages, fees, round counts and more.

1000’s of Matches Yet to Be Listed and You Can Help

Currently, match information is scattered across thousands of club websites, range websites and forums. is the only website that collects and stores all match information from all disciplines and organizations as a public service to the entire shooting sports community. All of the finding, editing and publishing takes time. has no paid staff – listings are done by volunteers like you. Listing all the matches will take years unless you help. If we could get everyone to list one or more matches, we can cover all 50 states and beyond so the next guy with an open weekend has a safe and fun place to shoot. "Submit Match" App

“Submit Match” - We Made an App for That

An app on the website – “Submit Match” allows for anyone to submit a match for listing. The app leads you through a series of forms to fill out – 20 questions in all. It is fast and easy – you probably could list most matches from memory. You fill in the blanks and we publish your match.

App Features

Anyone can List a Match – List 1 match or 100’s - All you need is basic information about the match – you fill in the blanks, we edit and publish

Fast – You can list a match in less than 5 minutes

Reoccurring Matches are “One and Done” – you list it once and the match repeats on schedule.

Multiple Fee Fields – You can have any number of fees - Junior fees, Seniors, Member/Non-Member or Early Registration 

Multiple Time Fields – You can list times for stage help, registration open, registration closed, safety briefing, first shot and last shot (estimate).

Website Links – Add links for the match, range, registration, scores, Facebook and more.

There is nothing to download – no fees for any listing.

How to List a Match

Before you click on the “Submit Match” app link have the following information ready:

 1) Match Director email – optional but helpful so we can verify the info

 2) Match Title – We have a standard naming of matches so don’t sweat over an official name

 3) Subtitle – Often this is used for the common name of the match. Example: Doc Welt Annual Benefit Match or Rossville 3 Gun match

 4) Range Name – Range Name is mandatory and the range website is appreciated.

 5) Match date – the next match date

 6) Does it reoccur? – Know how the match repeats. Example: 3rd Saturday of the Month or Every Tuesday night

 7) Match Description – Write a little something about the match – describe a unique feature or special happenings at the match

 8) Special Conditions/Procedures – Use this area for any special announcements Example: Speed Limits or warnings about handling guns in and around the range.

 9) Organization – What governing body governs the match? Example: USPSA, IPSC, SASS, IDPA, Not Affiliated

10) Match Type – Is it a Pistol match? 3 gun? Action Cowboy? or many other types listed

11) Guns Allowed – Some matches allow a wide variety of guns. Example: Steel Challenge allows rim fire pistol and rifle.

12) Classifier – Yes or No

13) Stages – How many?

14) Chrono – Yes or No

15) Squading – How do the shooters squad up?

16) Signup – Where can a shooter register? Example: Walk Up Registration

17) Website Links – If available, have the websites for the match, registration, scores, Facebook

18) Price – You can break down fees into various categories. Example: Member Fees, Early Registration Fees, LE/Active Duty Fees – any number of categories.

19) Time info – You can enter times for Stage Help, Registration Open, Registration Closed, Safety Briefing, First Shot and Last Shot (estimate))

20) Add Anything Missing in the “Match Description” under “Basic Info” – Some stuff just doesn’t fit in a box, so we allow you to add info in the match description to cover details about your match.

Submit a Match Today!

Once you feel confident you can answer those 20 questions, log on to and click on any “Submit Match” link to start the app. You simply fill in the blanks on each tab. When you are finished, click submit. The app notifies us of the submission and one of our staff will review, edit and publish – usually within 24 hours. After the match is published a link to the match page is sent to you. You can review and submit corrections using the “Report Errors” app on the top of the match page.

That is it! Anyone can do it and we hope all of you will do it!  And for all of you who do submit a match, thanks in advance from the Staff at