If You Own a Gun, You Should Have a Safe Place to Shoot

Safe Place to Shoot

Every gun owner should have a safe place to shoot. The more safe places to shoot – the more gun owners. The more gun owners – the more people to stand for our 2nd amendment rights. The more people standing up for 2nd amendment rights – the less likely we are to lose 2nd amendment rights.

Gunmatchadvisor.com helps gun owners find safe places to shoot – mostly competition – but we also list ranges that offer a wide variety of safe shooting courses and venues.

Our ranges, shooting courses and competitions should be a like a shining city on a hill encouraging others to join us in exercising our 2nd amendment rights and protecting our 2nd amendment rights. Reach out to your community, your organizations and your neighbor and invite them to join in the fun.

Gunmatchadvisor.com can help you reach gun owners. Submitting events at your gun range – courses, events, competitions – will help others find a safe place to shoot. Its fast, easy and most all free. Sign up today and list your event.


Gunmatchadvisor.com is a volunteer service for the sport shooting community.