Match Directors - Tips for Volunteers

Match Directors have two things to get done: 1) Things that only they can do and 2) Things they need a volunteer to do. Knowing “which is which” is the difference between a dream match and a nightmare. It is all in who gets it done.

Volunteers working a USPSA Match

Tip: Posting your match at is something a volunteer can do!

Here’s How

  1. Pick a volunteer with some computer abilities – it doesn’t take a lot of skills to post a match at, we made it easy

  2. Have the volunteer register at with an alias to use to list your matches – for example Matamoros Action Shooters or ZSA –NC

  3. Have the Volunteer post the match at – this may take you answering a few questions like “Is there a classifier?” or “what is the Round Count”.

  4. Click “Submit the Match” and it is done.

  5. Reward the volunteer with a match fee discount is about local repeating matches and large yearly events – you can list them all. Repeating matches are “one-n-done” – list once and they repeat in the pattern you described – for example: every first Saturday or last Sunday of the month. is not about promoting your match – although it does just that – it is about getting all the information about your match in one website. From there, a local competitor or anyone else can find the “Who, What, Where and How Much” of your match