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List your weekly and monthly matches – it’s fast, it’s easy and because of our advance calendar program, matches repeat – you list it once and you’re done.

What that means is your weekly Tuesday match is on the calendar for every Tuesday or that 5th Saturday match shows on every 5th Saturday. We can exclude dates – i.e. dates that conflict with closures or events at your club.

How to Submit a Match

  1. Go to

  2. Logon or register – we require registration mainly to keep out the riffraff.

  3. Click on the Submit a Match link



Click on the “Click here to report a match now” link


Click each tab - Basic; Extended Info; Website Links; Price Info and Time Info to reveal the form. Fill out what you know - leave the rest blank


Basic info – self-explanatory


Extended Info – details about the match – pretty self-explanatory.


Website Links – standard stuff here



Price Info – you add as many variants of price you want; Ladies, Juniors, LEO, Active Military, Early Registration, 2nd Gun - whatever



Time Info – We list the top 6 common time definitions. You don’t have to fill in every one – blank ones will not show on the listing. For other time instructions use the descriptions or special conditions found in the Basic tab form.



Review, edit and change as much as you want – when done click on the “Submit” button at the bottom left of the page and you are done. We do the final editing and list your match.



After the match is listed you can review and proof read. You can make changes by using the “Report Errors” link in the top of the match page.