Wanted: Beat Reporters






Wanted: Beat Reporters
Gunmatchadvisor.com (GMA) needs beat reporters. GMA is a volunteer run service for the sport shooting community. There is so much to do and so little time. But I know “many hands make light work”, so I’m asking for volunteers from the sport shooting community to help.
Beat Reporting for GMA
A beat reporter for GMA would declare their beat – it can be small or grand. You may want to be the beat reporter for your club, range, match, region or national association – your choice. You choose your beat and you build a base of match listing, comments, articles and multimedia content.
GMA is Social Media
Beat reporters have access to GMA linked social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and GMA listings. As a beat reporter you can reach 10,000’s for your beat’s interest - a local club match, regional championships, a fund raising event, classes – whatever! The possibilities are limitless.
What do I do as a Beat Reporter?
Primary duty is to list and keep current all the events in your beat at GMA. Once listed you can promote you listing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.
How Do I Sign Up to Be a Beat Reporter?
There are no forms or pledges to make. Basic computer and internet skills and a knowledge of the English language – good writing skills and grammar - are very helpful. Next decide on your beat. For example: You can cover only SASS events in Nebraska or you cover all events at your range – you choose what, where and how much.
How Much Time is Involved?
A listing takes about 10 minutes and it is a one and done. No need to list a match every week or month – that is done automatically. Promotions take as little or as much time as you want to spend. To promote a match takes about 10 minutes and runs for a week or more. Adding articles, videos, photos is optional. Spend as little or as much time as you want on your schedule.
What’s the Pay?
Nothing! This is a volunteer service. Your reward is helping your shooting sport and maybe a complimentary match fee. That’s the pay off. In the future, if GMA generates a few bucks or sponsors provide gifts, we'll pass it on to beat reporters.

For more information contact rickorr@gunmatchadvisor.com