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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WHSC IDPA - Weekly

IDPA practice; format sometimes changes due to range conditions; 3 to 5 stages, approximately 65 rounds. Check-in 5:30p, Safety briefing 5;45p, match begins 6:00p & usually ends by 8:30p.

Type: Pistol
Organization: IDPA

Location: Hempstead, Texas

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Not Affiliated
Wednesday M.A.S.S.

Wednesdays you can come and shoot the match at any start time after 9:30 until last start time of 3:30pm absolute last shot has to be fired by 5 pm, at the Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club. Anyone with a handgun or pistol caliber carbine, and spare magazines, any handgun caliber up to .45 caliber can shoot, .22 caliber guns and carbines start from a aimed low ready, finger outside the trigger guard, safeties can be on or off. Barrels are placed throughout the course of fire to put spare magazines on. All centerfire guns can start with gun laying flat on barrel or from the holster.

Type: Pistol
Organization: Not Affiliated

Location: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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