Alpha Training Academy

Our Business
We are a privately owned Firearms Training Academy located in Pryor, Oklahoma. We specialize in training civilians in the proper use of firearms in competition, self defense and tactics.

We offer a few classes specifically designed around the needs of law enforcement and military but our focus is on civilians.

People just like you and me who want to enjoy our lives and civil freedoms to the fullest without fear. We prepare our students for real life by teaching a complete methodology. One that begins with mental preparation and planning and continues with training and experience.

Whatever your circumstance, training for competition or training for life encounters, we are here to help.

Who We Are
Robert Carlile is the training director and Founder of Alpha Training Academy. The project started as a place for Robert to train as he prepared for competitions throughout the US.

It has evolved into MUCH more!

We now host Monthly Handgun Competitions, have Regularly Scheduled Classes, we have Special Classes with Nationally recognized Instructors, and we offer Private Training.

  • Private
  • Outdoors

Geolocation is 36.254026, -95.298564

2366 W 530 Rd
Pryor Creek, OK 74361
United States

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