Ancient City Shooting Range/American Tactical Training Arms Center


American Tactical Training Arms Center (ATTAC), along with Ancient City Shooting Rance (ACSR) - Florida's Exclusive Outdoor Tactical Shooting Range is a unique provider to law enforcement agencies, SWAT, and military units requiring a tactical training facility featuring MOUT city.  All tactical training houses will be equipped with video for reviewing clearing drills, computer simulators, low light training and noise distractions.  Currently availabe is a 2,500 2 story simunition rated hous and T.I. Training Lab offering responsive video simulation training.


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Geolocation is 29.9036, -81.409909

3021 Agricultural Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32092
United States
St. Augustine

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Chuck Usina
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Upcoming Matches

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Florida Defensive Carbine Club Match - St Augustine

Sunday Aug. 26th 2018

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