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Hey guys! Just wanted to stop in and fill you guys in on the new outdoor training facility we have just built!

Our company name is, ARO Group, and we are located in Deerfield, OH. Deerfield is about 30 minutes away from Akron and Youngstown. We have a 10 acre privately owned, public training facility that is specializing in classes and competitive shooting. We have registered and will be hosting monthly matches starting in April with 3 Gun Nation, USPSA, and IDPA. We will also be hosting a bi monthly defensive 2gun match. The website is currently not active but will be complete by the end of the week the address is, In the meantime, you can check us out on Facebook at ARO Group.

3Gun will be hosted on the first saturday from april-november( with 2 dates moved to the second sunday which will be reflected on site schedule
Defensive 2gun(rifle, pistol) will be held bi-monthly on the second sunday
USPSA will be the 2nd saturday
IDPA will be the 3rd sunday

In addition to matches, we will also be hosting Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara, Frank Proctor, and Robert Vogel for classes this coming year. The first 3 instructors classes info can be found and registered by visiting the Alias Training website, you will need to email me at: to register for the Vogel class and for details.

Please use the above email for all other inquires as well until we get the website completed and launched! You may also reach me by phone at 330.881.9086

Hope to see as many of you out at the range as possible!

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Geolocation is 41.029847, -81.098656

1500 Alliance Rd
Deerfield, OH 44411
United States

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Upcoming Matches

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USPSA - Action Pistol - Deerfield, OH

Saturday Sep. 8th 2018

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