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Brock's Gap Training Center is an organization dedicated to firearms education and training as well as the promotion and advancement of all shooting sports.  The organization was established in 1962, and since that time has focused on providing the community with a safe place to learn and hone safe firearm handling skills and to enjoy firearm-related recreational and competitive endeavors.  Throughout its history, Brock's Gap's facilities have provided training to the Boys Scouts, ROTC units, local Police Departments, military units, other civic and charitable organizations as well as individual citizens.  Brock's Gap Training Center is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization and is continuously improving its facilities in order to better serve the growing greater-Birmingham area.  

General Information

Membership Requirements:

  • The club uses a selection process to ensure that all members are serious, dedicated shooters who have knowledge of and experience with the safe use of firearms. Current members represent every segment of our community, including many local businessmen and professionals, as well as members of law enforcement, military, and public safety organizations.
  • All prospective members must be recommended for membership by two current members, must attend a safety orientation class, must participate in two (2) matches of their choice, and must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to receiving a probationary membership card.  The best way to become acquainted with current members and get their recommendation is by participating in club matches, which are held on weekends, are open to the public, and represent many shooting disciplines.
  • After one year, if the probationary member has met all requirements and proven himself/herself to be a safe and responsible shooter, full membership is then granted.
  • All prospective members must successfully pass a safety orientation class.
  • Membership in the National Rifle Association is required.
  • Private
3721 South Shades Crest Rd
Birmingham, AL 35244
United States

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Charlie Baker
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