The Bullet Stop

Refine your shooting skills or just get away for a little “me” time at our 25-yard, 15-lane indoor shooting range that accommodates calibers up to 44 magnum handguns. We also accommodate hand gun caliber rifles and rim fire .22 rifles, .22 magnum and 17HMR. Memberships are available and guests are welcome! Membership benefits include special offers as well as discounts on supplies and range fees depending on membership level. We have everything you need to get started!

We do not impose time limits on the range. Shoot as long as you like!

Don’t forget to ask about some of our annual competitions, shooting exhibitions and shooting leagues that happen year round.

“As a family owned and operated business we know safety comes first, that’s why we welcome you to our shooting range. We offer a safe and entertaining experience for you and the entire family, all while improving your skills in gun handling, personal safety and shooting proficiency. With our well-trained and knowledgeable staff (and generous welcoming committee—dogs Gunner, Elliot and Quincy) we’re ready and willing to assist you. Thanks for your support and patronization.”

- The Holmans

Range Rentals & Supplies
•Eye Protection - $0.25
•Ear Protection - $0.50
•Firearms - $7.50 - $15.00 - We have a variety of handguns available to rent. Most are only $7.50 to rent with several, high-end models renting for $10 - $15
•Targets are available from $0.45 - $1.75 each
•Range ammunition is also available for purchase in all allowed calibers (depending on availability)

  • Public
  • Indoors
  • Pro Shop

Geolocation is 37.650996, -97.372373

2625 West Pawnee Street
Wichita, KS 67213
United States

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Upcoming Matches

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USPSA - Action Pistol - Wichita, KS

Friday Aug. 24th 2018

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