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Welcome to the Mid Carolina Rifle Club Web page. The mission of MCRC is to promote the shooting sports. We provide a safe, convenient, fun place to shoot, with lots of organized activities. But, there's one thing we can't provide -SHOOTERS! That's what you have to do. So come join us and have fun shooting and in the process make freedom's sound ring.

MCRC is also an opportunity! An opportunity for people to get involved with shooting. I didn't own a gun until about 12 years ago. My son was 6 then. I got him a Marlin Little Buckaroo and myself a Remington Nylon 66, both in .22LR, at the local Walmart - our first guns. Recently I took the family hunting. My wife, son, daughter and myself. That Saturday AM we all got a deer (my son got 2). It was the first for my wife and daughter, and for me too! We all learned to shoot at the MCRC range. Five clean shots, five deer. My daughter's deer ran 20 yards, the rest dropped in their tracks. As a family man, I was very pleased. MCRC contributed greatly to that experience.

For your information, Mid-Carolina Rifle Club is totally a volunteer organization. None of it's officers are paid for their club work and we depend on our members to help do the things that need doing. This works well. But we don't do this just because we want cheap labor. There's a greater purpose to this - volunteerism. It's the same purpose as our requiring members to be part of a national gun rights group. We want our members to look past their own needs and to consider other's needs as well. We're a part of the larger firearm's community that some would like to get rid of. To preserve that community we all need to pull together and help one another. MCRC has helped me. I hope you'll work with us to make it good for others too.

When I'm out shooting at the range, I don't want to shoot alone. I want to shoot with strong men and women on my right and left. I want to be associated with good people who can see the target and will work at hitting it. We have a good club, engaged in a worthy avocation. If you'd like to be a part of the gun culture with us, we'd be glad to have you.


Tom Thompson, President


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Mid Carolina Rifle Club
P.O. Box 12334
Columbia, SC 29211-2334

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Geolocation is 33.892766, -81.10806

3435 Fish Hatchery Rd
Gaston, SC 29053
United States

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Tom Thompson
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